Mar 09


Hey guys, I’ve had a lot going on the past month and honestly as our beloved co-op has been stagnant; there hasn’t been much to post. I promise I will finish the FAQ soon. Karmachine had volunteered to get the links together, but obviously has been too busy stalking Zen~ and daydreaming about conquering the world. (I’m just playing Karma!) So those are on my list as well. I’ve also been working on a new site dedicated to gathering as much genesis info as I can as well as starting to host a show on Sundays on ElixirTV. I hope to talk about these little rebuildable atty’s that I, in all honesty, have never even held in my own hands…lol. Not to mention assisting in the creation and launch of Kennysmancave’s

Anyway, sometime this weekend, I will update this site with the latest in the story of the great G-Tank-US CO-OP. Most of you are aware as you check the thread daily, as I do, what the story is.

pseudus out!